Shipping & International Trade


Shipping & International Trade

Giwa Osagie & Co. is active in the areas of International trade, shipping and maritime law. We offer our clients comprehensive legal services on charter-party disputes, cargo claims, charter party, carriage contracts, limitation and extent of carrier’s liability, bill of lading, marine insurance and safety, regulatory and general legal issues.

We have advised ship owners, operators and charterers on registration, leasing and purchase of ships and negotiating the settlement of claims that may arise together with issues bordering on carriage of goods by sea statutes, cabotage and investment in the shipping industry.

We have varied experience in matters ranging from traditional “blue water” shipping, personal injury, cargo, long shore and towage operations to “brown water” oil and gas activities involving the exploration, development, pollution and environmental litigation, production and transportation of oil and gas. We also have vast experience in the registration of bareboat charter agreement and Ship Mortgage Agreement at the Nigerian Ship Registration office.

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